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Sodium Monochloro Acetate (SMCA) is the derivative of Monochloro Acetic Acid (MCA) obtained by its neutralization with alkali. This is a versatile product and is used as raw material or intermediates in the manufacturing of many important organic and textile chemicals

CAS No: 3926-62-3


Manufacturing of carboxymethylcellulose and -starch as thickening agent for detergents, oil drilling, paper, food and pharma applications; Production of agrochemicals like herbicides (e.g. 2,4-D and MCPA) or insecticides e.g. (dimethoates); Raw material for betaine production (personal care); Manufacturing of thioglycolic acid for UV-light stabilizers in PVC and thioglycolic acid ester as additives in cosmetics; Further applications: vitamins, synthetic caffeine, malonates, glycine


Sr No Characteristics Unit Specification
1 Appearance White Powder
2 Sodium Monochloro Acetate (Inc MCA) % Min 98.5
3 Sodium Dichloroacetate % Max 0.5
4 Sodium Acetate % Max 0.2
5 Moisture % Max 0.5
6 Sodium Chloride Content % Max 0.7