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We make acetaldehyde that is mainly used as an intermediate in the synthesis of other chemicals. It is a versatile chemical that is used in industries like agriculture, plastics, pharmaceutical and food and beverages. It is an important raw material for many of our products such as 1, 3 butylene glycol and Crotonaldehyde. We serve Acetaldehyde 99% and Dilute Acetaldehyde 20-30% as well. Packing: M S Drums, HDPE Drums, Bulk Parcel, 200 Kgs Cylinder

CAS No: 75-07-0


Acetaldehyde is used in crop protection for making methomyl. In the agricultural industry, acetaldehyde is also used to make acetaldoxime which is used as an insecticide. Used in the manufacture of perfumes, flavours, aniline dyes, plastics, synthetic rubber, pesticides, silvering mirrors, hardening gelatin fibres and pharmaceuticals. Acetaldehyde is a key raw material in the production of a wide range of chemical products such as paint binders in alkyd paints and as a plasticizer for plastics. Because of its relatively low solvent retention, it only leads to a slight increase of the drying time of lacquer finishes. In the food and beverage industries, it is used as a preservative in fruits, in flavouring agents, manufacture of vinegar and yeast and is added to milk products, baked goods, fruit juices, candy, desserts, and soft drinks. It is also used an ingredient in aroma chemicals and flavouring in chewing gums, candy and beverages. Acetaldehyde is used in the production of construction materials, fire retardant paints and explosives. In the pharmaceutical industry acetaldehyde is used in the production of sedatives and tranquilizers.


Test Specification
Appearance Clear Colourless Liquid
Assay (%) Min 99
Acidity Acid (%) Max 0.10
Moisture (%) Max 0.30
Ethanol (%) Max 0.100